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The Star and Garter is a legendary venue that has seen gigs by many Japanese bands. This is a free event, and is for JSNW members only. Please show your support for the Society by attending this event. Can you write in Japanese, make origami animals from paper or would you like to try the chopstick challenge? Damian Flanagan is a writer and critic interested in Japan, East Asian affairs and world literature.

The workshop will begin with a talk, after which there will be an opportunity to play the game.

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Refreshments will be available at the event; there is plenty of cheap parking around the venue. We would like to invite you to our showing of a Kabuki DVD: There will be a 1 hour show of this play and tea and Sushi will be available beforehand. The Sushi is supplied by Sushi Craft. This is not the venue. We join the Japanese Garden Society for this event. Places are limited - return booking form to Ioan Davies by 25 November. Following the devastation of the Second World War and the privations of the post-war period, the Tokyo Olympics marked the re-emergence of Japan on the world stage.

As Japan flourished, enjoying economic growth and political stability, the liberalisation of passports and the end of restrictions on foreign currency opened the door for Japanese to travel abroad, and the Japanese community in the UK began to grow. Young travellers, businessmen, artists, entrepreneurs and spouses of British nationals have all contributed to this vibrant community. For this screening we will present a selection of interviews taken from the project, painting a picture of the many reasons for and ways in which Japanese have come to live in the UK and of the valuable contribution each has made to enriching this country.

Our last visit to Liverpool was in , but this time we are returning to the venue of Japan Day , the recently renovated Liverpool Guild of Students building. Japan Day is co-organised by the Embassy of Japan. Full details of Japan Day can be found on JapanDay. Helena's talk will be entitled: Teruo, the eldest son of a used bookstore owner has a dream: About to reach his 30th birthday, Teruo is still idling away his life.

A cute, attractive girl that both Teruo and Hisanobu soon fall for. Saturday 30 January See how a high ranking Japanese warrior would have dressed for battle in the 16th century.

★ Doki Doki - The Manchester Japanese Festival ★

This demonstration will involve a model being dressed piece by piece in a full suit of original samurai armour, and includes a detailed narrative on the cultural and historic background of each piece. Wearing replica Samurai armour, Yanagi Ryu Jujutsu will give a demonstration of Samurai fighting techniques, including the use of wooden and bladed weapons, accompanied by a full explanation throughout. Our former Newsletter Editor, Yuko Howes, will host this fun event.

Join us for our regular end of the year celebration, with a delicious buffet dinner prepared by Taka of Sushi Craft. Boiled prawn nigiri, Salmon nigiri, California rolls, Salmon rolls. I will be mentioning Vojtech Naprstek, the founder of the first Asian Art Collection in Prague, as well as his friend Joe Hloucha, a traveller to Japan who published a number of Japanese-inspired novels and started a massive collection of ukiyo-e.

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I will also concentrate on the impact Japan had on Bohemian culture, such as the formation of the famous Yokohama Tea House in Prague in the s, or the work of graphic artist Emil Orlik who even went to Japan to study ukiyo-e under master Kano Tomonobu. During my lecture I will be showing a number of images from late 19th century photographs from Prague and Japan, to images of art works directly inspired by Japan that played a crucial role in the formation of the modern Czech as well as Central-European art scene.

Meet Momoko, a self-absorbed dreamer who fantasizes about fleeing her backcountry home and living life in 18th century Versailles. When she unexpectedly meets the rebellious Ichigo, a rough-and-tumble biker chick, the two misfits form a unique friendship--together, nothing can stop them! Learn how to brighten up your lunchbox with this special kyaraben workshop! Kyaraben was originally a way to get children interested in eating their lunch, but has become so popular now that national contests are held to compete for the best looking bento! Food and materials will be provided, but of course feel free to bring your own extras.

Here are the things you will need to bring: Bento box or Tupperware, chopping board, clean food scissors, tweezers, and cameras!

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Open our Kyaraben Workshop photo album. Steve's talk is entitled: Join us at the World Museum in Liverpool on Saturday 9 May between 1pm and 4pm for a fun afternoon of Japanese related activities. Mrs Isobe will start by talking about the tea ceremony, including the history and the spirit of it. She will take us through the tea ceremony giving a detailed explanation of every step.

She will then go through the ceremony once again, this time without the explanation. After the conclusion of the tea ceremony, there will be an opportunity to be served tea by Mrs Isobe. Come and have a meal of freshly made Chankonabe, the food of Sumo Wrestlers, and learn a little about National Sport of Japan and its traditions. Yukio Mishima was arguably the most internationally famous Japanese celebrity of the last century: He was described by Yasunari Kawabata, the first Japanese winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, as the kind of genius who comes along every years.

When Mishima died in the spectacularly dramatic manner possible on November 25 , the entire Japanese nation screeched to a halt in jaw-dropping, collective disbelief. The extraordinary circumstances of that death - known as 'The Mishima Incident' - would become Japan's defining JFK event, when every Japanese alive could instantly recall where they were when they heard the shocking news.

Trying to fathom the meaning of 'The Mishima Incident' is a subject which has gripped the Japanese nation for the last 44 years. Why did Mishima have to die? Who or what was it that caused his death? And what meaning does his extraordinary life and death still hold for modern Japan? In his new biography of Mishima, published by Reaktion Books, Damian Flanagan offers a startlingly fresh analyis of the train of events that led Mishima to meet his day of destiny in In this talk, we will uncover the real story behind the most unforgettable day in modern Japanese history. This is a free event.

If you want a unique present to give on special occasions then this is the workshop for you!

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Come and join us to learn how to create your own needle felt characters, and take your masterpieces home. You will also learn how to wrap various styles of presents using furoshiki traditional Japanese wrapping cloth to make your presents stand out. After his extremely popular performance at Japan Day, Katsura Sunshine returns to give us more!

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Sunshine is Canadian, but now lives in Japan where he trained to become a Rakugo comic storyteller. A year-old tradition of comic storytelling, Rakugo is more popular today in Japan than it every was. A lone comedian in a Kimono kneels on a cushion and entertains the audience with his original comic anecdotes, before launching into a traditional story populated by hilarious and quirky and yet oddly familiar characters. The only props are the Japanese fan and hand towel. To become a professional Rakugo storyteller, one must be accepted as apprentice to a Master, and serve for three to four years: Anyone who does this for three years will become a funny person.

Tall, confident Kawasaki and short, mild-mannered Shiina seem to be unlikely candidates for friendship, but they click over a mutual interest in Bob Dylan. Kawasaki is an odd duck, but in an irresistibly cool and charming kind of way, and Shiina can't help but be drawn into his more exciting, if slightly loony world. Kawasaki's head is full of unpredictable ideas, like his absurd warnings about pet shop owner Reiko Otsuka Nene or his even more absurd plan to steal a dictionary for their Butanese neighbor. Next thing Shiina knows, he's standing watch with a toy gun outside the bookstore, on the beginning of their bizarre, existential adventure.

Our last visit to Manchester was in , and we are returning to the same venue, the Midland Hotel. This time we are using three rooms, which will give us much needed extra space. One room will be dedicated to food, including an area set aside for sitting and eating.

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There will be two firsts for a Japan Day in Manchester: In a late addition to the Japan Day schedule, there will be a performance of traditional Japanese comic storytelling by Katsura Sunshine. Of over professional Rakugo performers today, there is only one who is not Japanese: To learn more please visit JapanDay. Join Sweet Octopus for an authentic Japanese tea tasting event in the stylish and confortable setting of the BoConcept furniture store in Manchester. Sweet Octopus offers unique types of unblended Japanese green teas that are grown on a tea farm in a small village just outside Kyoto in Japan.

This year is a special one for the Society. Japan Society North West was founded on 6 May We are planning a little celebration at the AGM. We will be having authentic Japanese homemade curry rice! We will have both chicken and vegetarian options. There will also be green tea and Japanese cake, so put the date in your diary now.

Taiko Drumming Workshop

Join us at the World Museum in Liverpool on Saturday 26th April between 1pm and 4pm for a fun afternoon of Japanese related activities. For some of these hafus, Japan is the only home they know. For others, living in Japan is an entirely new experience. Manga in Japan right now and how it's changed; Special characteristics of manga compared to other comic styles; Finding your style; Coming up with a manga idea genre ; Character Archetypes the hero,the villan ; Designing your characters; Normal body and chibi style; Showing personality; Backgrounds; Making a manga.

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Join us for a delicious buffet dinner prepared by Taka. We will also have an Awa Odori dancing demonstration and workshop by Awa Siren. There is a bar with soft and alcoholic drinks. A massive earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan on 11 March and the consequent tsunami caused a complete loss of electrical power at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power station. Although the three reactors at the site that were operating at the time of the earthquake shut down as intended, the inability to remove residual heat from the reactors led to severe damage to the nuclear fuel, hydrogen explosions and large releases of radioactive materials to the atmosphere and sea.

The Fukushima accident was the worst nuclear accident since that at Chernobyl in Ukraine in , but unlike at Chernobyl none of the emergency workers at Fukushima suffered early effects of overexposure to radiation in their efforts to bring the reactors under control. Nonetheless, communities within 20 km of the site were evacuated, and the large releases of radioactive materials to atmosphere led to significant contamination of surrounding areas, particularly to the north-west of the station, and much of the area within 20 km of the site and beyond, to the north-west remain evacuated.

Assessments of the long-term health impact of the accident have concluded that the additional cancer risk experienced by the most exposed individuals is likely to be small, but the Japanese authorities face a substantial challenge in recovery work at the station and in the surrounding area, and this is likely to involve many years of intensive work. Official committees of inquiry in Japan have concluded that the Fukushima accident could have been prevented if sufficient attention had been paid to recommended safety measures.

She will take us through the tea ceremony giving a detailed explanation of every step, with Mrs Nakajima acting as guest. They will then go through the ceremony once again, this time without the explanation. After the conclusion of the tea ceremony, Mrs Isobe will show us some of her prized collection of tea ceremony utensils. Finally, there will be an opportunity to be served tea by Mrs Isobe.

selchahaphasa.tk Immediately following Ian's talk, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting. The Society needs your support at this important meeting. For the first time, our celebration of Japanese culture includes a cosplay competition! And don't miss our Japan Day raffle - first prize is two tickets to Japan, courtesy of Finnair! Entry to Japan Day is free. Joinus for a 'hands on' sushi making day.

japanese dating manchester uk Japanese dating manchester uk
japanese dating manchester uk Japanese dating manchester uk
japanese dating manchester uk Japanese dating manchester uk
japanese dating manchester uk Japanese dating manchester uk
japanese dating manchester uk Japanese dating manchester uk
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