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Normally, you see cheerleaders dating athletes who are at the top of their games as opposed to dating one that has since retired. Abigail Klein is a gorgeous blonde who was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Even though the team had plenty of talent, Klein opted to pursue a bona fide legend. Because of their difference in age, news of their relationship spread like wildfire.

It may be hard to believe, but hockey cheerleaders do in fact exist, and they do a good job with their limitations.

They may not get the same amount of coverage or recognition as football cheerleaders, but we still appreciate what they do for the sport. If you find yourself wondering whether or not hockey cheerleaders are gorgeous, just take a look at this photo of Amanda Vanderpool, a former cheerleader for the Mighty Ducks. She is a total babe, and when Ladislav Smid was on a road trip with his team in Anaheim, he and Vanderpool met, eventually beginning a relationship.

Ladislav Smid was drafted by the Mighty Ducks, but he was traded before he took the ice with the team. Vanderpool has worked in modelling and for local television in Los Angeles. These Dallas girls sure do love making their rounds with athletes in the area. The pair had known each other since they were children, and both would find plenty of success in their careers.

Middlebrooks would then begin dating sideline reporter Jenny Dell, and they would eventually marry in Ann Lux has since moved on as well, and she is now a happily-married mother of two. Outside of cheerleading for the Dallas Cowboys, Brooke was also a choreographer for the Miami Dolphins. She and Laynce Nix would eventually wed, and the two are still together to this day. If you were hoping to ogle at pictures of her on her Instagram, we hate to be the bearers of bad news, but her account is private.

She served as a cheerleader for the Canaberra Raiders, and she would eventually use her athletic talents to play football in the Lingerie Football League.

The 5 Types Of College Athlete Groupies, As Told By A Former College Football Player

Not only did she play professional football, but she has since moved on to play professional rugby back in Australia. She played for the National Team in This incredibly gorgeous athlete got her start as a cheerleader, and it is alleged that she struck up a relationship with player Travis Waddell during her time as a cheerleader for the Canaberra Raiders. She is currently in a relationship with rugby player Tim Grant who plays for the Wests Tigers.

When will people learn that relationships stemming from affairs never work out in the end? Granted, this is mainly speculation, but usually where there is smoke, there is fire. It is rumoured that former Redskins player Chris Cooley left his first wife after meeting cheerleader Christy Oglevee. While everything seemed hunky dory at first, Christy would soon get a nasty wake up call. Nevertheless, Oglevee and Cooley eventually got married, and all appeared to be going well for the pair. If Cooley did in fact leave his wife for Oglevee, let this serve as a reminder that this type of nonsense never works out in the end.

There is something special about a Southern Belle that makes them all the more attractive. Back before he was the number one pick in the NFL Draft, Matthew Stafford was a star quarterback at Georgia who struck up a relationship with a cheerleader named Kelly Hall. You can imagine what is often the end result sex, you guys. The local celeb has the incredible ability to date an athlete, a bartender, a fraternity guy, and some year-old local drug dealer all at the same time and not see how shifty her actions are. She lives for drama, and thankfully for her I guess? She is the type of groupie we hear about in the news—and not in a good way.

The local celeb always has to do something to attract attention, and her actions usually end up being negative. So why does every athlete put up with her bullshit and unwavering lust for drama? Because this chick is usually the hottest out of the groupie categories.

This chick is tough as nails. The local celeb is the type of girl you hate with your gut but is still hot enough for you to sacrifice your pinky toe just to hate-bang. Hell, her hotness is pretty much the only reason she is a local celeb. Well, that and her shameless social media game. Plus, she spends more time at the bars than in her own bedroom, so everyone has seen her and obviously noticed her.

No love lost for this one. She may or may not have been the prom queen.

She imagines their life will be similar to high school. This is probably not going to be the case. I almost feel bad for this girl. She is the rock that keeps the ship at bay during tough times; however, when the water is smooth sailing, the signal caller will probably be out catching other fish. She will date around when things are rough with her high school sweetheart. Once our quarterback finally fulfills all his wild sexual desires usually around the second semester of his last year they reunite and ride off into the sunset of the NFL.

Athletic Trainer

The athlete is usually one of the more attractive girls on the basketball, softball, soccer, track, volleyball, or gymnastics team. She may not have the prettiest or most feminine face, but she always has a tight, fit, athletic body. Her familiarity with his friends, the trainers, and the coaching staff gives everyone especially her the idea that pairing with another athlete is a comfortable, natural fit.

college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders
college football players dating cheerleaders College football players dating cheerleaders

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