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Got7 jb i never thought about the big bang theory should you which girl are you must be?


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She even became a major part of one season, when she and Leonard go from having casual sex when she is in town, to actually attempting to have a real relationship which ends when they both cheat. Unsurprisingly, for a group of nerds like these guys, a lot of time is spent hanging out at the local comic book store - to the point that they have become quite good friends with the owner!

A gifted artist himself, this guy has struggled in life despite that, and he's often the butt of jokes about his sad little life Raj usually considers himself to be unlucky in love, but despite this, he has actually met quite an impressive number of women through dating sites over the years.

This redhead is one of the women that he has met online, a dermatologist who has a penchant for all things gory and horror-related, and who even has a few tattoos. Despite this being a little scary to Raj, the two dated for quite a while, before it ended when he wanted to date someone else. While many of the female characters on the show can be a little bit ditzy, there are certainly some extremely intelligent women on the Big Bang Theory as well - like this cosmological physicist who came to stay with Sheldon, who is a huge fan of her work.

However, he was less of a fan of her sexual appetites, which led to her seducing Leonard on the first night of her stay, and then also sleeping with Raj and attempting to sleep with Howard as well!

Quiz: Who’s your History boyfriend?

Leonard has a complicated relationship with his mother - a brilliant woman who is not quite as capable of being a loving mom as she is of writing books and doing research. Although she is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist, she is seemingly incapable of understanding that Leonard would like love and affection, only hugs him awkwardly and rarely, and talks to him without any real emotion.

Despite this, he still loves her, and in her own way, she does love him. Although Amy first arrived on The Big Bang Theory when she was set up with Sheldon on a dating site, he's not the only character on the show that she has dated. When she and Sheldon were broken up for a while, Amy actually went on a few dates with this guy - who is smart, nice, and very tall Ok, there have actually been a few famous faced to issue restraining orders against Sheldon, thanks to his tendency toward obsession and his total inability to read social cues.

This one, however, happened on the show, when Sheldon was heartbroken that he wouldn't be able to meet his idol at the comic book store because he had to be in court with Penny - so instead, he showed up at the comic legend's home, in an attempt to get an autograph. One of the many parents that fans have got to meet over the course of the series is this guy - Bernadette's Dad, and a real man's man. He used to be a police officer, and at first, he wasn't too impressed that his daughter was dating a short nerdy guy, rather than someone big and strong.

However, once Howard became an actual astronaut and a great husband to his daughter , Bernadette's Dad warmed up to him. Despite the guys being portrayed as nerdy and awkward with women, they are actually very actively dating for most of The Big Bang Theory - and Leonard had a somewhat serious relationship with this young woman. A doctor and surgical resident, she could definitely hold her own with the incredibly intelligent members of this social circle, but she did make Leonard a little crazy when she basically moved in with him without even asking permission.

They broke up not long after, although the exact reasons weren't shown on screen. This big bully was one of Penny's first boyfriends on the show, and the perfect example of the kind of meathead that she would date for some time before eventually starting to see the appeal of a guy like Leonard. We first met this ex of hers in the pilot episode, when Penny gets the guys to go over to his apartment to get her TV back.. Howard and Bernadette now have two children, as their first daughter was followed by a baby boy in the eleventh season.

Their daughter was born in season ten, and both Bernadette's pregnancy and their adventures in early parenthood became a huge part of the season - everything from Raj and Stuart getting a little too involved in preparing for the baby, to the particularly and hilariously nerdy ways that Howard dealt with the stress of a new baby girl, this little girl was the focus of many recent episodes. While Howard and Bernadette have a growing family, Raj often seems further than ever from settling down himself - and sometimes, that gets hard for him to take especially now that he is the only single one left in his group of friends.

He also lives alone, so to stop himself becoming too lonely, he decides to get a cute little dog to love. In some ways, he might even love her too much, as he spoils her absolutely rotten. Of the various women that Raj has dated over the course of the series, this may be the only one who had bigger emotional problems than he does!

Who is your favourite Bigbang?

The two met at a singles mixer at the comic book store, where she tells him that she has crippling social anxiety - and she means it. At first, they couldn't even have a real date - but just sat in the same room texting each other, and she eventually dumped him because she found it too pushy that he wanted her to meet his friends. One of the moms that we meet most in The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon's mother, who definitely doesn't have much in common with her son. Far from a scientist, she is a devout Christian from Texas, defends creationism, and doesn't understand anything about her son's work.

Despite this, she is still extremely loving and affectionate to Sheldon, and is one of the few people who doesn't put up with the worst of his behavior - and for it, the rest of the gang adores her. In season one of The Big Bang Theory, fans learned that Sheldon is actually a twin - and that he has an extremely attractive twin sister! She's also the polar opposite of Sheldon in pretty much every way possible; she's conventionally extremely attractive, she's not particularly smart, she's very good with people, charming, and funny.

She's also playfully affectionate with her brother, despite the fact that she is constantly teasing him in front of his friends - and has now become a major character in the Young Sheldon spin off. Of the various other staff members that have appeared on the series over the years, this guy may be one of the most abrasive, and is usually an enemy to the core characters in some way or another. He's constantly putting them down and challenging them - whether it is to a duel of battling robots, at other nerdy pursuits, or at getting the better office. He's also got a pronounced lisp, and is referred to by his last name, rather than his first.

This character has only appeared in five episodes of the series, but should be memorable to long-time fans. She also works at Caltech, but in Human Resources rather than as a scientist, and that means it is her job to deal with the various eccentricities and inappropriate behavior of the nerdy guys working there. In particular, she spent a lot of time dealing with Howard, and with Raj once he learned that he could talk to women when he got drunk.

Even among scientists and nerds, there are some things that are considered 'too' nerdy They also make fun of this guy a lot - a geologist at CalTech, who is extremely socially awkward even by the standards of The Big Bang Theory , and who talks excruciatingly slowly. He also has a crush on Amy for several of his appearances on the show, although he does date other women. Penny certainly has an interesting family, and that includes her father - who originally wanted to have a boy, and called her Slugger as a child and treated her as a son until she hit puberty.

Who is this star of the show?

As an adult, he just wants his daughter to be happy, and is thrilled when she starts dating Leonard, because Leonard is so much smarter than the various meatheads that Penny has been with in the past, and begs Leonard not to give up on her. Despite the fact that Sheldon is barely interested in any women in a romantic way, and takes an incredibly long time to finally admit his feelings for Amy, that doesn't mean that women aren't interested in him!

Like this young woman, who also works at CalTech, and who is a huge fan of Sheldon. She manages to become an almost-girlfriend of his, 'helping' him in his work by doing anything he asks of her Although most of the time, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard are working on their own research, they do also answer to this man, who is the President of CalTech. He is also the man in charge of projects, expeditions, and especially funding - and has to bully the guys into going to fundraisers and behaving reasonably enough that he can convince the board of directors to keep funding their work.

He is only referred to by his title and surname. When Sheldon was growing up, there was one show he loved more than anything, starring this man as a Professor who would do science experiments for kids very much like Bill Nye. As an adult, Sheldon even got to meet him, and stayed in touch with him despite the Professor's efforts to stay away Not just because he lost one of his childhood idols, but also because he didn't get to replace him on a rebooted version of his show.

Another one of Raj's girlfriends, this lovely blonde is probably one of the nerdiest of the women that he has dated - and they actually met at the comic book store. She even has a somewhat geeky job - as a screenwriter, working on a sci fi movie script. Their relationship starts when she wants to get Raj's expert opinion on the script she's working on, and slowly becomes an on-again, off-again relationship ruined by the fact that he is dating other women at the same time as her.

Another face from the halls of CalTech, this young woman is a doctoral student, and also a research assistant to Sheldon. However, that's a particularly horrible job, not least because Sheldon keeps giving her only the most menial jobs to do like getting his lunch , when she is actually looking to do some work that needs a little more brainpower. She also develops a crush on Leonard, although he's so unused to the idea that a girl might like him that it takes quite a long time for him to figure that out!

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At this point, it's been a long time since Bernadette worked with Penny at the Cheesecake Factory - and moved on to bigger and better things in pharmaceuticals. Now, she works with this woman, who moved to the US from India.

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Who is your favourite Bigbang?

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big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz
big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz
big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz
big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz
big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz
big bang dating quiz Big bang dating quiz

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